Preventative Maintenance Program

Our Preventative Maintenance Program provides yearly, bi-yearly, or quarterly check-ups on gate opener systems and gates. Our customers have expressed Great Appreciation with the program’s ability to Identify Problems before they become more costly or require a down time.

Our extensive knowledge and on-board inventory of spare parts provides Timely Repairs and eliminates the need for return service calls.

Insect and rodent infestations are extremely damaging to to gate opener systems.We have seen great success Protecting against pests and in turn our customers enjoy Reliable Gate Operation.

HEY JOE!!!   Call MAINTENANCE Again–I’m in a  PINCH!!!

semi stuck in gate

Non Maintenanced System


Our Maintenance Program Includes:

1. Inspect and adjust all bolts, chains, physical stops, limits and linkage.
2. Inspect receiver, key pads, loops, safety edges, photo eyes, (safety and activation equipment)
3. Inspect gear boxes, oil chains; grease hinges and rollers.
4. Recommendations for any needed repair
5. Maintance Program can be set up for twice a year, every three month or yearly depending on usage of gate. This allows you to focus on other things instead of maintaining your gates
6. Charges do not include parts/labor to repair any part of the entry system.

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We keep your Gate Systems Working

At your specified time,our service technician will automatically come service your equipment to help you keep your entry system in tip top shape for many years of access.            Please feel free to call us  920-563-5233  with any questions.

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