Artist Blacksmith Association of North America

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We like to give a brief nod to the Artist Blacksmith Association of North America (ABANA) and invite our clients to visit their website to see all that can be done with wrought iron. Fencing and gates are commonly seen made of this and other strong, serviceable and malleable metals, but the range of artistic objects is truly vast.

If you’ve perused our galleries of railings, lighting fixtures, cabinet doors and wrought iron fences, you already know what can be done with the metals used at J-N-L Wrought Iron. You may also wish to visit the ABANA members’ gallery and view the artistry formed with many metals, including wrought iron. Fences and gates, staircases and railing, light fixtures and more lend themselves to the same sculptural qualities represented by these items. Whether a figurine of forged steel that practically lifts from its base with graceful curves and broad arcs, or a botanically inspired lamp, the pieces that can be made with bronze, copper, steel and wrought iron are fascinating.

Perhaps you just need a simple wrought iron fence or gate, however, something straightforward and traditional. Maybe you simply want something of quality, custom made to suit the exterior or interior specs of your home. Whatever you need, we will be happy to create it for you, according to your vision or with the input of our designer. When you work with J-N-L Wrought Iron, the work done is tailored to your requirements.

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