For over 30 years, Power Gate Opener Systems has been the leading provider of residential and industrial gate systems throughout Madison, WI. We keep your property safe with professionally installed gate systems by our IDEA-certified technicians. We also have CRASH gate certified technicians on staff. Our customers rely on our prompt service for installations and maintenance. For scheduled appointments or during emergency situations, we can provide service for your whole system. With our portable fabrication trailer, we arrive ready to get your job done correctly!

Access Control

It is important that the proper gate access is installed to meet your needs for safety. We provide a variety of options for installation and service as needed. We offer:

  • Keypads – no need to leave your vehicle, simply enter the code from your vehicle
  • Wireless Keypads– a cost-effective solution for low volume traffic
  • Telephone Entry Keypads– with a designated phone line or intercom, you can have local or remote access, and gate hold open options
  • Keypads with Android NFC Capabilities – through an app, use your phone or program to open the gate
  • Card Readers– cards limit access to only the cardholder
  • Radio Transmitters/Receivers– control the gate from inside a vehicle or building


Security Gate Installation

A great gate and gate opener begins from the first consultation. That’s why choosing the professionals from Power Gate Opener Systems is the best choice for gate installation. We work with you to identify the perfect system for your home and business based on traffic and aesthetics. Our certified technicians then install the devices with attention to detail to ensure your gate and opener work and look great. For the best gate and gate opener installation in Madison, WI, call our team today.


As a system that frequently moves, gates and gate openers eventually wear down with usage. Because of this, frequent service and maintenance checks are crucial to keep your system at its best. Our knowledgeable team will inspect all areas of your gate and gate opener to identify any areas that need attention, then create a plan to repair any areas needing it. And with a large inventory of parts, we can get your gate to its best performance quickly. Call us today to schedule your next gate operator maintenance.


Keeping your family, clients and employees safe is the top priority, which is why scheduling a gate assessment with our team of professionals is a must for any home or business with a gate system. Regulations and requirements for safely operating gates and gate systems have changed and many devices no longer meet the necessary standards. Find out where your gate and gate opener stand with these changes with a professional assessment from our team.

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